Green Circle Design was founded in 2004 by Kate Lacouture, on the principle that good landscape design should be inherently sustainable. To this end, we promote alternatives to the American front lawn, use native plants to preserve habitat, and encourage organic methods of gardening. Every project consists of a series of environmentally-based choices:  from siting and drainage, to construction materials and techniques, to plant choices and landscape maintenance. With each decision we have an opportunity and a responsibility to contribute to the health of the planet.

GCD offers landscape consultations, typically 90-minute site visits, which can be a starting point for new clients, or a one-time session for home gardeners needing a little professional help.

For larger projects we work in a design/build capacity, with a core group of contractors and masons. During the design phase, we consider the client’s needs relative to the site conditions, and produce plans and sketches necessary for the client to visualize the project.  Typically the design process continues during the construction phase as we collaborate closely with our team of contractors:  the shape of a terrace emerges with the placement of a particular stone, or a tall perennial becomes the surprise focus of a garden bed. The end result is a built garden that reflects the uniqueness of the site and our discoveries during the process. And because a garden is a constantly-changing entity, we will always return to the site at the client’s request for a follow-up consultation.

GCD also offers consultations to schools and community groups interested in starting garden programs. We strive to inspire and empower kids by teaching them the impact of their decisions as citizens on the environment. Student gardeners come to understand their connection to the natural world and its other inhabitants; they develop an appreciation for the health and environmental benefits of locally-grown organic food (and are more likely to eat it!); and they get the valuable hands-on experience of caring for a growing garden.

Kate Lacouture is a registered landscape architect (RI LA license #390), and is certified as an organic land care professional by NOFA. She lives in Providence with her husband and three sons.  (click here for cv.)